Building leadership and ownership

Committed leaders in the political arena in national and local government are essential. Leaders who recognise the urgency of the issue and the importance of putting excess weight and obesity at the top of the political agenda. People who are committed to the long-term implementation of their policies and programmes. At the same time, it is essential that all the relevant stakeholders own their part and take responsibility for helping to create a healthy environment: schools, sports centres, the commercial sector and the media, as well as neighbourhoods. This is the best way to ensure that structural policies and programmes become embedded in strong local networks.

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Support communities by providing them with concrete, practical help

VIASANO doesn’t communicate to children and their parents directly. Instead we use the aid of local actors involved in children’s daily lives to promote a healthy diet and physical activity. We support them through knowledge-sharing, training, tools and methodological support.

PETICA, Croatia

How a simple intervention is enough to get children active

It’s important to put what we know about a healthy lifestyle into practice on a daily basis. For children to be more active the environment needs to be designed in such a way that the basic conditions allow them to be more active.

SETS, Romania

Learning through fun increases pupil participation

To make sure pupils enjoy being active over a longer period of time we believe they should learn through fun. Not only will this make the activity more enjoyable but it will also help to enhance the relationship between pupils and their teachers.

Gyere, Hungary

It’s not the kids but the adults that adopt a healthy lifestyle

The involvement of ambassadors, especially local ‘heroes’ not only inspires children and teachers, but also appeals to the media.

JOGG, The Netherlands

Strong complementary duo in the lead for JOGG Hellevoetsluis

Political support is the key to successfully introducing and sustaining the JOGG approach in the community. It is therefore important that the concept of a healthy weight as part of a healthy lifestyle is placed high on the agenda of the Municipal Executive.

Healthier Kids - Ajyal Salima, Lebanon

Don’t just obligate, educate!

By providing training and guidance to the staff responsible for what is served in the canteen, you enable schools to develop a culture of healthier eating and thus enable students to make better choices.