Scaling up progressively

Community-based programmes often start in a municipality, neighbourhood or setting where there is enthusiasm for creating a healthy environment and an existing network. Regardless of where you start, the question that often arises is how to move forward from there. To scale up from local to national or from one setting to multiple settings, it is vital to share good practices and empirical data on what works.

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MUN-SI, Portugal

Build to last: sustaining long term support of a healthy lifestyle

Our own (human) resources are limited. This means we have to look outward in order to achieve our goals. We benefit from a multi-stakeholder approach that sparks voluntary contributions from partners with common social responsibilities.

Rise VT, USA

Empowering school wellness committee to find their own solutions

Consistent internal and external communication is a key element in changing the culture and implementing on-going wellness strategies to improve the health and wellbeing of both children and faculty in schools. Establishing and improving school wellness policies is a key strategy in maintaining momentum as teachers and administrators change.

JOGG, The Netherlands

Towards a national movement

We have learned that if we want to scale up to national level then we need a more customised approach which is still based on the integral community-based approach. A customised approach requires flexibility on the part of our organisation and our people. Municipalities require different support and training or want to join JOGG to be part of a learning network.