How a simple intervention is enough to get children active

The issue Eight-year-olds are less active when they have nothing to play with

In many schools in Zagreb teachers often can’t provide physical education due to limited resources. There are very few attributes for children to play with or to get them moving, resulting in a less active and more sedentary lifestyle at the age of 8.

The insights If it is to have a real impact, knowing what makes a healthy lifestyle should be put into practice daily

It’s important to educate children about a healthy lifestyle. However we believe just telling children what’s good for them is not enough to change their habits. It’s important to put what we know about a healthy lifestyle into practice on a daily basis. For children to be more active the environment needs to be designed in such a way that the basic conditions allow them to be more active.

The solution Simple equipment to encourage children to be more active

We reached out to schools in Zagreb and supplied them with equipment (for sport and play) to encourage children to be physically active on a daily basis. By working closely with the teachers, our aim is to create a tangible and lasting change in the local environment of these children and their families.

The result Simple means included as part of a daily routine can have a lasting impact on a healthier lifestyle

Using simple means (equipment for sport and play), we believe that we have contributed to a healthier lifestyle during childhood and also laid the foundations for these children to lead healthier lives in the future.