It’s not the kids but the adults that adopt a healthy lifestyle

The issue How do you reach out to the media?

Programmes reach out to children and their immediate surroundings (such as parents and teachers) throughout the year, but how do you reach the media as well?

The insights Local heroes play a key role in getting attention for your cause

The involvement of ambassadors, especially local ‘heroes’ not only inspires children and teachers, but also appeals to the media.

The solution One month a year to promote a healthy lifestyle

We dedicate one month a year to promoting a healthy lifestyle. Our ambassadors - who are local celebrities, such as sportsmen and dancers - provide at least one activity for all the children in the GYERE community. The stories of their visits to schools throughout the country are shared through a mix of social media and traditional PR materials.

The result X and Y media reached in one a month

The kids and the teachers all enjoyed the activities and celebrations, and we reached media outlets X and Y.