Generating financial support

Making a fundamental change needs long-term programmes and sustained financial support. A lack of structural funding is often the reason why programmes are unable to scale up or are forced to stop. How can you get financial support from the public sector, private sector and elsewhere? Transparency as well as a shared vision and strategy in public-private partnerships are also important aspects that should not be overlooked.

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JOGG, The Netherlands

Fundamental change needs structural funding

We have been investing in dialogue with municipalities all over the Netherlands to make policymakers more aware of the high rates of youth obesity and weight problems and what this means for the future of these young people. We have continued to explain why an integral community-based approach will work and argued that this is a mutual responsibility.

PETICA, Croatia

A simple way to encourage partners to support your programme

It’s important for partners to be able to see the progress made and the positive impact of a project once it has started. This proof of the project actually working induces trust and encourages partners to become more involved and proud of the cause.