MUN-SI, Portugal

MUN-SI is a Portuguese program which arises closer to each municipality needs and local policies and intends to offer a proactive and interactive response to the problem of childhood undernutrition, overweight and obesity seeking its prevention at municipality level based on continuous and sustainable actions developed during 1-4 years’ periods.

MUN-SI is coordinated by Centre for Studies and Research on Social Dynamics and Health – and congregates the municipality action, the initiative of Academia and Researchers of National Institute of Health Dr. Ricardo Jorge, with the institutional support of European Networks and Health, Education and Science National Ministries.

The main aim is to slow the progression of the prevalence of overweight and childhood obesity through a set of activities in which local environments mobilize the community to the adoption of healthy lifestyles. It also intends to incorporate International and National Health and Nutrition Plans on the childhood obesity prevention, developing healthy local policies by providing scientific evidence to policy decision makers.

On its comprehensive approach, MUN-SI includes a detailed nutritional status assessment, the evaluation, association and the control of the multivariable variables such as socioeconomic, demographic and environmental factors.

The intervention activities are designed towards and with family, school and community, encouraging the early adoption of healthier lifestyles and the creation of favourable structural and environmental conditions for health. The program focus on implementing innovative, diverse and comprehensive intervention strategies, in which children are important actors towards a healthier environment, mainly at school and family settings.

MUN-SI has a decade of experience in designing and implementation of local strategies to improve child’s health. Healthy child, happy family!
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MUN-SI, Portugal

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