A simple way to encourage partners to support your programme

The issue If the results don’t show, the partners won’t show either

Most projects require funding but don’t directly show positive results during implementation which can cause potential partners to be hesitant about supporting the programme.

The insights Make progress tangible for partners

It’s important for partners to be able to see the progress made and the positive impact of a project once it has started. This proof of the project actually working induces trust and encourages partners to become more involved and proud of the cause.

The solution Simple equipment and measuring for direct results

We provided schools in Zagreb with simple sports and play equipment to encourage children to be physically active on a daily basis. All of their activities were mentioned in online articles, on social media and as part of campaigns which enhanced the visibility of the programme and of our partners, too.

The result Proud partners support a programme they can believe in

Partners were more willing to support the activities because they could see the results instantly: children being more active in schools, leading to more innovative, creative workshops in the long run. The Croatian Medical Association and the other partners were very proud to contribute to making a healthier lifestyle come to life, especially with such simple measures.