Three interventions to sustain lasting change towards living a healthier life

The issue How to ensure lasting change?

How do you create lasting change that leads to a sustained healthy lifestyle?

The insights The family as the cornerstone of change

To change how children behave to reduce excess weight and obesity, you have to work with the family because the family is the cornerstone of behavioural change.

The solution C.U.R.I.A.M.O. A multidisciplinary lifestyle intervention

- The nutritional intervention

Our aim here is to enable the parents of the child or adolescent to make healthy choices themselves on a regular basis. The intervention is made up of two counselling sessions with either the parents of the child or the adolescent and a dietician, along with four educational group sessions.

- The psychological intervention

    In this intervention we provide counselling based on the family’s needs. It begins with a psychological assessment followed by four psycho-educational group sessions in which we evaluate current lifestyle habits, teach healthier lifestyle habits and share experience and beliefs. We conclude with two follow-up meetings after six months and a year to discuss progress.

    - The physiological intervention

      The physiological intervention takes six months during which children exercise on a bi-weekly basis with trainers. The intervention aims to improve the general level of fitness (spatial coordination, aerobic capacity, flexibility and muscle strength) and promote the joy of exercising.

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