A broad approach for the care and support of overweight children

The issue How to seamlessly connect prevention and care

One of the crucial elements of the JOGG approach is connecting prevention with care. A large part of the JOGG focus is on creating a healthy environment for all children. But what to do about children who are already overweight or obese?

The insights Prevention and care cannot be separated

Prevention and care aren’t as disconnected from each other as they might seem to be. In fact we find that they are two sides of the same coin. Individual care and support for an overweight child - and the family in which the child is growing up - will only work if the environment supports a healthy lifestyle.

The solution Tackle the underlying causes

It is important that the care and support for children who are overweight or obese is well organised. Often there are more factors at play in a family where a child is struggling with his or her weight.

It’s more effective to tackle these underlying causes by providing the professionals concerned with prevention, care and welfare, with a space where they can act at the right moment based on their own competence and expertise. This can only happen if prevention, care and welfare are properly coordinated and can complement one another.

The result Professionals concerned with prevention, care and welfare join forces to bring about the necessary change

The right care and support can be provided for children who are overweight if prevention, care and welfare are properly linked.