Changing the dialogue between parents and teachers to help children adopt a healthy lifestyle

The issue How to help children adopt a healthy lifestyle?

Children can’t be held responsible for the choices they make regarding a healthy lifestyle (especially at a young age). However, we do want them to adopt healthy habits when it comes to eating and exercise.

The insights Adults are the key to adopting a healthy lifestyle

Adults (teachers and parents) are the key to ensuring that children (in nursery/ kindergarten) adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The solution Starting the dialogue between parents and teachers

We started a dialogue between teachers and parents about how to incorporate healthy habits into daily life. In this case in the kindergarten.

In addition, a coordinator supervised and supported teachers by discussing the progress of the project and possible solutions that needed to be tailored to the specific needs of each unique kindergarten.

The result A change in attitude and behaviour among both teachers and parents

We noticed that both teachers and parents started implementing healthy lifestyle patterns. There was a change of attitude and in the type of interaction between teachers and parents. We feel that our evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence approach to this project really helped to advance the dialogue.